Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day three

OK, here is my day (Wednesday 1/13/10) - NO middle of the night eating last night! I did end up eating 3 crackers to settle my stomach before I went to bed, but didn't eat anything after that. hooray! I have also been really good at not weighing myself. I usually cheat on that one, but I will wait until Monday morning. Promise!

Working goal: to fit back into those size 18 pants by May 1............
Mini Goal: more water!

-bowl of Life cereal & milk 240
-snapple dragonfruit vitamin water (130 cal)
-Daves Killer bread, (2) toasted w/cream cheese (260+100)
-2 eggs & 1 1/2 pces of Daves Killer Bread* (plain) (200 + 156)
-FF Tapioca (80)
-Banana (105)
-Luna Cookie (130)
-big salad w/ light dressing & almonds (abt 150)
-lean cuisine sesame chicken (320)
-rice krispie treat (90)
-Special K Cereal w/ milk (350)

total diet cokes today: 2
Calories:....2311 - closer than yesterday!!!

*I know that this bread is high in calories and I could probably find some much lower....but it is full of great stuff, high in both fiber & I thought it was a good trade off.

Your Daily Calorie Requirements Are: 2,579 Calories Per Day

500 calories less is: 2079...what I need to shoot for each day.

Well, the camera wasn't handy today, but I did 13 minutes! I actually got into triple digit calorie-burning territory! I added some music today and (I think) I have got my crappy machine to stop squeaking for a bit. Pity because it is almost new...but you get what you pay for in those home machines!

I am drinking a big glass as I write! But that is about it for the day.

Confession of the day: (good for the soul, no?)
Diet Coke addiction: This has been going on since I was 17 or 18. First thing in the morning, I crack open a diet coke. I CRAVE the taste of it. I can drink a 6pack a day, easily. I know it is just terrible for me, but have never been able to stop for any length of time. But when I have, I am always lost weight!

until tomorrow,

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