Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 17 -favorite snacks

My day (Wednesday 1/27/10) -
Home with two sick kids today. So, I am not planning on getting much done! But doing good today with food so far. The elliptical is calling my name. The baby is asleep and I need to get my butt in gear! I am still getting the hang of twitter. Still not sure if I like it. I much prefer facebook, or even myspace! But if you would like to follow me, the link is to the right.

Additionally, I have to say that I am so proud of the hubster! On his own he found a tool on where you can track you daily food intake & track calories and other nutritional info. He really likes it (which is important, so he will use it): This site is pretty impressive, check it out!

Oh, BTW, I ended up with 60 oz of water yesterday (yay me!) but was also up all night peeing (big surprise!). So, I am going to try for that again today. My new favorite food - an old favorite, actually - is Laughing Cow FL swiss cheese wedges. They are creamy and can be spread like cream cheese. I use them on sandwiches (so no mayo, or cheese slices), on bagels, or crackers. 35 cal, 2 g fat. Not bad. - One of my FAVORITE snacks to have with this is to spread them on 2 Wheat Thins Flat Bread crackers, tuscan herb (you can also use rye crisp) and to add a couple fat slices of Roma tomato on top. YUMMY! And only about 100 cal.

And, I have to report, that even thought I am generally very satisfied with the Full Bars I have used I have a problem....the bars are OK (apple, cocoa, etc) but not very tasteful. I guess that is how they are supposed to be since you eat them before a meal & you don't want a heavy, strongly sweet bar before the meal (though, myself, I have never had a problem starting with dessert!). And, the bites, they are very good! Something I might eat just because they are good. But, last night I had a peanut butter flavored bar. It was NAST-Y! I couldn't even finish it! I wouldn't even have enjoyed that bar if it were dipped in chocolate & topped with whipped cream. I certainly wont be getting that flavor again!

Ultimate goal: HALF MY SIZE BY Sept 2012
Working goal: to fit back into those size 18 pants by May 1
Mini Goal: more water!
Mini Goal: take my thyroid meds more regularly!

-bowl of HN cheerios cereal & milk (275)
-Quaker oats bkfst bar (175)
-sandwich (275) -W bread, LC cheese, ham
-crackers, LC cheese, tomato (100)
-lg orange (86)
-RK treat (90)
-LF/LS fudgescicle (40)
-Full bar (150)
-big salad with light dressing & almonds (180)
-LC meal (210)
-skinny cow ice cream (150)
-lg banana (120)

total diet cokes today: 1.5

Your Daily Calorie Requirements Are: 2,579 Calories Per Day

500 calorie deficit: 2079
700 calorie deficit: 1879 (means "goal" ~10 months sooner!)

18 minutes on the elliptical, sweatin' to Eminem.

60 oz

Confession of the day: (good for the soul, no?)
So, a couple weeks ago I talked about back fat (Day 6 post) and I have to say that now that I am losing some feels WORSE! ICK! The saggy loose skin. UCK UCK UCK! I know, it will get better (at least I HOPE it will) but when I move, I feel the skin flowing over & touching the lower skin. I HATE HATE HATE IT!

Until tomorrow,

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