Monday, January 11, 2010

Day one

OK, here is my day (monday 1/11/10)...and I am going to try to publish some pics in either this post or the next.

weight 260#
I guess I should do some measurements soon!

-TWO diet cokes before 10 (ugh!)
-1c grape nuts w/ 2t sugar & 1/2 c milk
-1 lg bagel with 2T LF strawberry CC (I am really hungry between bfst & lunch...I usually eat a large snack around 10)
-FF tapioca pudding
-15 cheddar mini rices cakes
-lg orange
-UGH, another diet coke!
-nutrigrain bar, strawberry (I have started keeping these in the car so I eat them when I am hungry rather than a drive-thru burger)
-big salad with light dressing & slivered almonds
-lean cuisine (sesame chicken)

WOW, that seems like a lot (and it is less than I probably normally eat). I haven't started counting calories yet - one step at a time - but I wonder how many calories it is?!

UPDATE: about 8pm: cravings are getting really bad. I could totally eat a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies (home baked, of course). Had a visit with my eldest daughter today and that is always stressful & makes me want to eat! But so far I have not!

UPDATE: 9:30pm...ok, let's add yet another diet coke and a couple more handfuls of rice cakes. I guess the day has been OK, but not perfect.

OK, proud of myself today because 1) I did NOT take a nap, but jumped on the elliptical machine. And, while it might not seem like much time to most people, I worked out the longest I have been able to since I got the thing a couple mos ago...And, I almost got all the way around the "circle."

I have to try really hard to not compare what I can do now to what I used to be able to do for a workout. Because I used to workout a lot. I did circuit training for 30 min and treadmill or elliptical machine for about 45 min. So 10 minutes seems like nothing compared to that. But it is a lot more than I have been able to do recently. So, it's a start!

....well, actually, I did end up taking a nap. But that was after I worked out. Post exercise fatigue is part of fibromyalgia. and I had it today.

well, none, unless you count a bottle of 10 cal vitamin water.

This is an area I need to work on!

Confession of the day: (good for the soul, no?)
I have been hiding food for a while so my husband did not see I was eating whole boxes of twinkies or whole packages of oreos. I would hide them in my car or in the garage.

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