Saturday, January 23, 2010

day thirteen -mindful vs mindless eating

My day (Saturday 1/23/10) - Feeling very optimistic about this week's weigh-in. My pants are fitting looser!!! YEAH! It is getting easier to avoid "mindless eating." I have been reading a book on mindful eating. It is helpful and makes sense to me as I am a Buddhist. Mindfulness is one of the keystones of Buddhism. Food and eating is one area where I have not been a very good Buddhist. Not at all! So, this book is helping.

Also, in the hopes of getting a supportive following, I have begun to subscribe to, visit, and comment on other WL blogs. I am hoping that will help. Thanks for anyone who is checking out my new blog. Please leave a comment so I know you are out there :-)

late: got my first comment today! woohoo! So excited. There are actually people out there! AND: my first "follower" - YAY!

Also, I am adding a Twitter account for this blog. Or, I guess I should say, I am tweeting as well as blogging? I usually don't use twitter. I am normally a facebook person. But I will try it:

Ultimate goal: HALF MY SIZE BY Sept 2012
Working goal: to fit back into those size 18 pants by May 1
Mini Goal: more water!

-bowl of cereal & milk (275)
-Quaker oaks bfst "cookie" (175)
-half chx breast (baked) (202)
-crackers & LC cheese (95)
-Spec K bar (90)
-full bar (160)
-big salad w/ light dressing (180)
-LC dinner (320)
---I may have a skinny cow ice cream for dessert, but that is only another 140 cal, so that would be 1637 for the day....ya hoo!

total diet cokes today: 2

Your Daily Calorie Requirements Are: 2,579 Calories Per Day

If I eat 500 calories less is than that, it is: 2079...
Which is what I need to try for each day.

13 min of pretty intense elliptical & some crunches

12 oz so far. Will try for more before I go to bed! Will try to get to 24 oz today.

Confession of the day: (good for the soul, no?)
Sex is not so great (or at least as not as great as it used to be) when you both get fat! One of the reasons I am losing weight is to make that better. Now that's a motivator! :D

until tomorrow,


  1. Great job in getting your pants to fit...Mine are doing the same. Thanks for joining my blog as well, and the comment on the PMS. Best of luck!

  2. I tried the elliptical trainer before and I hated it to death. I was so annoyed that I spent over $500 and ended up using it about 10 times in total.

    While they are good exercise I think they are best for people who are already fit. I'm going to be using the treadmill and the bikes for my weight loss as I have to find a way to exercise other than walking soon.