Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Logging On Helps People Lose Weight

It seems like we're all searching for that “magic bullet” to help us lose weight but here’s an idea that might really help: Logging on. Yes — to your computer.

Sitting in front of your computer is unquestionably a sedentary activity, and one many of us do way too much.

But researchers at Kaiser Permanente say when patients regularly logged on to an Internet weight loss support group, they increased their chances of staying active and managing their weight.

The small federally-funded study was part of a much larger ongoing evaluation of weight maintenance programs.

Researchers followed 348 overweight or obese individuals who had recently lost an average of 19 pounds during a weight loss program. Their goal, of course, was to maintain that weight loss.

To help them meet that goal, participants were offered an interactive web site created specifically for the study. They were asked to log on once a week, record their weight and how much they exercised, and note whether they kept a food diary, detailing what and how much they ate each day.

They were also offered a chance to participate on an interactive billboard with other study participants and pose questions to nutrition and exercise experts.

After two and a half years, researchers found that the patients who consistently used the web site — those who logged in and recorded their weight at least once a month for 24 months — maintained the greatest weight loss. They kept off an average of nine of the original 19 pounds they'd lost. Those who logged on less consistently kept off only three to five pounds.

At the end of the study, most of the original 348 participants were still logging on to the web site.

Researchers say this level of commitment is encouraging and holds promise for other web based weight maintenance programs. While the study web site is no longer available, researchers say there are a number of other weight management web sites worth checking out.

They suggest consumers look for the following important elements in any online weight loss program:

  • Sites that encourage accountability by asking users to consistently record weight, exercise and calories consumed
  • Sites that include tailored or personalized information
  • Sites with interactive features that allow users to communicate with each other and with nutrition and exercise experts
  • Sites with accurate health information

The study is published — where else but online in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Monday, July 26, 2010

food & worry

I am so worried about money lately, that I can not even be excited that I am finally losing weight again. I have my own business and work from home. I have been working some LONG hours...but it is really difficult to get much done right now. The baby wants SO much of my attention (she is one now, and that is just what 1-year-old's do, but it is hard to get anything done) and there is just no way I can afford to put here in even part time day care. The house is a wreck. But, hell, if I don't get the work done and the sales in, might not even be a house to clean anyway! I mean, that is how bad it is! It is hard to continue to justify buying food that is not the cheapest (we all know healthy, "diet" food cost more)...but then again, having the diabetes create a medical need to do so.

It's tough times for everyone. The economy has hit our business hard. I have finally expanded to get some more money coming in...but it is going slower than I had hoped. May have to borrow money from the mother-in-law to get the house payment in before the end of the month (before they throw us into foreclosure, seriously). It sucks! My husband has a good job (but hasn't had a raise in three years). But even the good job isn't enough to cover the expenses of special needs kids...and a mom who "stays home" to work with them. And, while we write some of that off on our taxes, that doesn't even help anymore since we have to give any refunds to the bankruptcy trustee. :-(

So, I am trying to stay focused on eating right (which is hard to do for me in times like these). For some reason, hitting that survival mode makes me want to eat bad, cheap food. But, I am trying to get through it. Our busy season is coming up. And, HOPEFULLY, I will eventually see some sort of settlement from this accident. Those will help some. Sorry, this is not a very good weight loss post. I will do better with my next post.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

weight increase (due to supplement) grrr!

So, I haven't been cheating, I think the weight increase was due to a supplement I was taking (making me retain water) and now that I stopped taking it, I am going back down again. It was a frustrating situation, but hopefully it is now resolving itself.

I am getting lots of exercise lately, just living life: walking a lot with family at events, yard work, cleaning out the garage, etc. We are still joining the YMCA at the end of this month. I really do need to get more fit...and lose more weight, but I am on my way.

The biggest news is that it seems that food is no longer "my life" lately. People used to tell me to think of food as fuel, not as recreation, or a friend, or as eat to live, not live to eat. I could never really get into that space. But I feel like I am there now (or at least getting there)! It is a wonderful feeling not to have everything in my life revolve around food. I mean food is just a way to keep my blood sugar level and get me through the day. It is amazing (and a miracle) that *I* would ever truly feel that way! Thank you Dr. Atkins!

BTW, in case you are wondering what I normally eat, here is some info on that:

For snacking, I have found that sunflower seeds are a lifesaver for me! When I can't have things like chips, fries, etc. The sunflower seeds work for me. They *are* salty, and if you have a problem with blood pressure or sodium, maybe not the best for you. But, if you can handle the sodium, they are pretty good for munching. Protein, low carbs.

So, I do get in moods where I want to cook, but most of the time I rebel! So, I do eat some fast food/premade stuff: Carl's Jr has a pretty good plan where you can get all the burgers with lettuce wraps. They are pretty good. I was NOT impressed with the KFC new sandwich with not bun...yuck! I would rather have a bunch of grilled chicken. For breakfast I will often get a couple egg mcmuffins, some sausage, throw out the english muffins and make a sandwich with the canadian bacon on the outside.

I eat a lot of baked chicken (usually grocery stores have this in their deli) as well as steak, smoked salmon (when I can afford them) cheese, cream cheese, eggs, nuts, sausage, some veggies (the ones I like: celery, cucumber, tomatoes, on rare occasion a salad). I eat an avocado most every day. Dreamfield pasta (a *true* serving size) does not seem to spike my blood sugar...I get Hunt's no sugar added sauce and load up with italian sausage! Also, I use American cheese slices (microwaved for about 38 seconds on parchment paper) as "bread" when I am really wanting a sandwich. It works pretty well....bu they are really not that good for you, in general, so I try to limit how often I zap American Cheese; it is pretty well processed.

I was just thinking the other day: what a great diet this low carb thing is...if I can lose weight and not eat all that "rabbit food" all the time, that is great! I used to live on simple carbs, really, I did. I was an addict. I have been low carb for about 5 weeks now and I no longer crave fries, bread, chips, even sugar. I think it is a miracle!

There are ways around a lot of carbs. For instance: today I went to a family gathering and all they had to eat was pizza. I ate all the toppings off & left the crust. Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms. It worked. I also had brought some low carb yogurt with me and I always carry some nuts and beef jerky in the car (the beef jerky can be have to check the carbs on that, and not eat too much). I also eat atkin's bars. Some people don't do well with those (spike Blood Sugar) but I seem to do fine with them. Concerning crackers, the only type I eat are Wasa Crisp Bread (only 2 per day) with some laughing cow cheese and fresh tomatoes on top (mmmmm)

as far as Breakfast: I can tolerate glucerna cereals, but, the serving size (on all cereals) is small. You really do have to pay attention to serving size. I would rather have an atkins bar some days...and maybe an atkins shake as well (though atkins stuff will spike blood sugar on some people). However, I recently bought an egg poacher for the microwave and discovered jimmy dean fully cooked sausages. I am not too big on cooking in the morning, but if I can have a couple eggs and sausage links easily, I will eat those.

On the days I do the best, my calories break down to something like: about 1800 cals, 70% from fat, 20% from protein, and 10% from carbs. That keeps me in ketosis and I will lose weight regularly when I eat this way. I have more energy, I feel better. Sometimes all the meat meat meat gets to me...but when I think about my diet and quality of life before, I just get over it and go on.

OK, that was a rambling post! Sorry...until next time,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

another weekend and WHAT is with this water??!

Well, had quite a busy weekend. Up to the mountains on Saturday and took a STEEP hike to the waterfall. That was a workout in the heat. Then, today was very busy including, but not limited to, moving bunches of heavy furniture around.

I am having some problems with retaining water. Guess I need to lay off the diet sodas & drink some more water. I have been taking OTC water pills & NOTHING. Still holding about 8# of water. My legs & feet are swollen and tight. Plus, that scale isnt making me happy!

I did just read an article today about the hidden dangers of heat for diabetics. And that may be part of the problem...but I know that I also need to drink more water. blah!

Doing OK with food. Only one slip last night, but recovered quickly and without too much damage.

I am off to bed; I am exhausted! Hope you had a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OK, enough of that!

I can't believe how much I am feeling sorry for myself, I started to take a nap after that last post. I was lying there, thinking about all I had to get done today, about all I have accomplished, and about all I have (counting blessings type of thing) and realized I am *so* feeling sorry for myself!

Instead of napping (something I do NOT need to do!), I hit the on-demand beginning yoga program I have been working on and got a little farther in the program today. Still can't finish it and it is very hard to make my rolly-poly body get into those poses, but I went further than I did earlier this week. Now, I am typing this and drinking a glass of water. Yay for me! :D

Thus far, this is my favorite pose. I can feel the vertebrae in my spine popping & relaxing when I do this pose (forward fold):

So, enough blogging lots of stuff to do. The baby won't stay asleep for much longer!


kind of mad today

Ok, I am kind of pissed today. First off, I had a follow up exam with the chiropractor and I have to go for at least 6 more weeks. Ugh!

Second, I have lost now, a total of 24# in one month. Do you think that ANYONE has said to me "wow, you have lost weight" - Nope, not a one! Not even my husband. Sad, mad, hurt!

I am so damn fat that 24# is just a drop in the big, huge, bucket that is me! :(

I just feel so depressed today. Someone say something to make me feel better :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

good weekend

Happy to report that I stayed on track all weekend! I hope you all had a great weekend too! I found some great store brand carb buster yogurt, and found out that I was doing good to eat those avocados last week (even though they have carbs) because they are good for one's blood sugar!

I started taking a supplement called ALA to help stablize blood sugar and help turn glucose into energy. I will post how it goes. Here is a blurb on it from the website linked above:

"Perhaps the most significant function of ALA is its important role in energy production from carbohydrates, participating in the multi-enzyme process on many levels. ALA stimulates insulin activity, reduces insulin resistance, and enhances glucose burning in obese laboratory animals. Humans with diabetes show a ~50% increase in glucose consumption. This also has implications for athletes and the overweight. Muscle activity requires efficient sugar metabolism. Similar improvements in sugar disposal occurred in brain tissue."

I also found a cool little app for my phone that lets me track my food, blood sugars, and the like. I can email the info to myself, so I will have to come up with some great way to analyze the statistics of it all :)

This week I need to work on DRINKING MORE WATER!!!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

So Close!

Just a quick post to say that my weigh-in this morning was 251!!!! Wow! Almost at 250!

I started doing a little yoga at home. Hard, but good. Have been doing a lot of walking (just been working out that way, not really planning it).

Everybody have a great holiday!


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, my weight loss has stalled in the past 4 or 5 days. I seem to be eating fine. I am having a lot of stress, and probably having more diet sodas than I should (that seems to slow down WL in some). So, I need to curb that a bit. I just go through periods where, if I drink one more glass of water, I shall just puke! I love vitamin water, but even the "zero" stuff has a total of 8-10 carbs a bottle! Guess I should pull out some of that Crystal Light! I am really going to try to get below 250 before the end of July.

Getting the money together to join the Y. I can't wait, but the money is just not there right now for the yearly fee. I am looking forward to it and working hard every day (at my home business) and hope to see some $$$ coming in soon. The economy has just tanked our sales for the last 9 mos or so. We have really struggled financially. "Dieting" is not cheap!

The good news is that I have not had a bowl of cereal (other than the occasional Glucerna) in a MONTH! That is so HUGE for me. It is one of my binges and compulsive eating behaviors. I haven't had white flour in quite a while too. No candy (other than a couple pieces of sugar free once in a while). It is like everything has changed. I guess having a sister with serious diabetes complications while I was growing up made my diagnosis all the more serious. Too bad I could not have mustered this attitude before the diagnosis, but, it takes what it takes I guess.