Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day nine

OK, here is my day (Tuesday 1/19/10) - very tired today. Hard to get moving! Was up last night with some minor insomnia. Working (at home, since that is where I work) because I am POOR this month. So, it is motivation to get a lot done!

Ultimate goal: HALF MY SIZE BY Sept 2012
Working goal: to fit back into those size 18 pants by May 1............
Mini Goal: more water!

-bowl of Life cereal & milk (240)
-wheat thin flatbread w/laughing cow cheese (285)
-honey wheat berry bread (160)
-ham (70)
-Luna cookie (140)
-big salad (180)
-LC pizza (320)
-lg orange (86)
-spec K & milk (300)
-banana (105)

total diet cokes today: 3
Calories:...1886 (getting easier!)

Your Daily Calorie Requirements Are: 2,579 Calories Per Day

If I eat 500 calories less is than that, it is: 2079...
Which is what I need to try for each day.

I did not work out today :-(

Some vitamin water

Confession of the day: (good for the soul, no?)
Not sure if this is a confession or not....but if I don't lose weight in my breasts with all this, I think I will need a breast reduction! I am so tired of them. They spill out of the 42DD bras I have. My back & neck hurt all the time. I have permanent inch deep divots in my shoulders from my bra straps. It is hard to move around with these things! ugh!

until tomorrow,

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