Sunday, July 18, 2010

weight increase (due to supplement) grrr!

So, I haven't been cheating, I think the weight increase was due to a supplement I was taking (making me retain water) and now that I stopped taking it, I am going back down again. It was a frustrating situation, but hopefully it is now resolving itself.

I am getting lots of exercise lately, just living life: walking a lot with family at events, yard work, cleaning out the garage, etc. We are still joining the YMCA at the end of this month. I really do need to get more fit...and lose more weight, but I am on my way.

The biggest news is that it seems that food is no longer "my life" lately. People used to tell me to think of food as fuel, not as recreation, or a friend, or as eat to live, not live to eat. I could never really get into that space. But I feel like I am there now (or at least getting there)! It is a wonderful feeling not to have everything in my life revolve around food. I mean food is just a way to keep my blood sugar level and get me through the day. It is amazing (and a miracle) that *I* would ever truly feel that way! Thank you Dr. Atkins!

BTW, in case you are wondering what I normally eat, here is some info on that:

For snacking, I have found that sunflower seeds are a lifesaver for me! When I can't have things like chips, fries, etc. The sunflower seeds work for me. They *are* salty, and if you have a problem with blood pressure or sodium, maybe not the best for you. But, if you can handle the sodium, they are pretty good for munching. Protein, low carbs.

So, I do get in moods where I want to cook, but most of the time I rebel! So, I do eat some fast food/premade stuff: Carl's Jr has a pretty good plan where you can get all the burgers with lettuce wraps. They are pretty good. I was NOT impressed with the KFC new sandwich with not bun...yuck! I would rather have a bunch of grilled chicken. For breakfast I will often get a couple egg mcmuffins, some sausage, throw out the english muffins and make a sandwich with the canadian bacon on the outside.

I eat a lot of baked chicken (usually grocery stores have this in their deli) as well as steak, smoked salmon (when I can afford them) cheese, cream cheese, eggs, nuts, sausage, some veggies (the ones I like: celery, cucumber, tomatoes, on rare occasion a salad). I eat an avocado most every day. Dreamfield pasta (a *true* serving size) does not seem to spike my blood sugar...I get Hunt's no sugar added sauce and load up with italian sausage! Also, I use American cheese slices (microwaved for about 38 seconds on parchment paper) as "bread" when I am really wanting a sandwich. It works pretty well....bu they are really not that good for you, in general, so I try to limit how often I zap American Cheese; it is pretty well processed.

I was just thinking the other day: what a great diet this low carb thing is...if I can lose weight and not eat all that "rabbit food" all the time, that is great! I used to live on simple carbs, really, I did. I was an addict. I have been low carb for about 5 weeks now and I no longer crave fries, bread, chips, even sugar. I think it is a miracle!

There are ways around a lot of carbs. For instance: today I went to a family gathering and all they had to eat was pizza. I ate all the toppings off & left the crust. Cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms. It worked. I also had brought some low carb yogurt with me and I always carry some nuts and beef jerky in the car (the beef jerky can be have to check the carbs on that, and not eat too much). I also eat atkin's bars. Some people don't do well with those (spike Blood Sugar) but I seem to do fine with them. Concerning crackers, the only type I eat are Wasa Crisp Bread (only 2 per day) with some laughing cow cheese and fresh tomatoes on top (mmmmm)

as far as Breakfast: I can tolerate glucerna cereals, but, the serving size (on all cereals) is small. You really do have to pay attention to serving size. I would rather have an atkins bar some days...and maybe an atkins shake as well (though atkins stuff will spike blood sugar on some people). However, I recently bought an egg poacher for the microwave and discovered jimmy dean fully cooked sausages. I am not too big on cooking in the morning, but if I can have a couple eggs and sausage links easily, I will eat those.

On the days I do the best, my calories break down to something like: about 1800 cals, 70% from fat, 20% from protein, and 10% from carbs. That keeps me in ketosis and I will lose weight regularly when I eat this way. I have more energy, I feel better. Sometimes all the meat meat meat gets to me...but when I think about my diet and quality of life before, I just get over it and go on.

OK, that was a rambling post! Sorry...until next time,


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