Sunday, July 11, 2010

another weekend and WHAT is with this water??!

Well, had quite a busy weekend. Up to the mountains on Saturday and took a STEEP hike to the waterfall. That was a workout in the heat. Then, today was very busy including, but not limited to, moving bunches of heavy furniture around.

I am having some problems with retaining water. Guess I need to lay off the diet sodas & drink some more water. I have been taking OTC water pills & NOTHING. Still holding about 8# of water. My legs & feet are swollen and tight. Plus, that scale isnt making me happy!

I did just read an article today about the hidden dangers of heat for diabetics. And that may be part of the problem...but I know that I also need to drink more water. blah!

Doing OK with food. Only one slip last night, but recovered quickly and without too much damage.

I am off to bed; I am exhausted! Hope you had a good weekend.


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