Wednesday, July 7, 2010

kind of mad today

Ok, I am kind of pissed today. First off, I had a follow up exam with the chiropractor and I have to go for at least 6 more weeks. Ugh!

Second, I have lost now, a total of 24# in one month. Do you think that ANYONE has said to me "wow, you have lost weight" - Nope, not a one! Not even my husband. Sad, mad, hurt!

I am so damn fat that 24# is just a drop in the big, huge, bucket that is me! :(

I just feel so depressed today. Someone say something to make me feel better :)


  1. You know you lost 24 pounds. And you did it in one month. Be proud woman. You've done well.

  2. I want to lose 24 pounds in a month.

    I know what you mean though. I've had a lot of occasions now where I've seen people I haven't seen since before I started my weight loss journey and few have said anything to me. I've lost 60 pounds since I've seen some of them and nothing. I have a theory that there's a weight threshold you have to cross before people will notice you've lost weight.

    You are 24 pounds lighter than you were a month ago. Do you feel better? Is exercise easier? Are you happier? People WILL start noticing your weight loss. But until they do, notice it in yourself? Do you have before and after pictures? If not, take a before picture right now. Then in another 24 pounds, take an after picture. Then you'll have something tangible to be proud of.

    Amazing progress. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks. Yeah, I do feel better. Moving is easier...heck, breathing is easier. I know I need to worry more about how I feel rather than a snap-shot moment of someone noticing a difference in me. And, you are right, there is a threshold. I will just keep trudging along until I get there. Thanks for the reply :)