Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two days in a row!! wow

Well, two days in a row of exercising! That's gotta be a record LOL

Yesterday I hopped on the elliptical. Today, I got out the jogging stroller I bought (to walk with the baby & get some exercise) and decided to go for a walk. It is kind of hot & muggy here, so I thought I will walk at the mall...it is air conditioned & indoors, right? WRONG! It was SO hot in there! It was cooler outside. But, we did a couple laps and then I got some yummy bourbon chicken & stir-fry veggies for lunch (no rice, no noodles). It all went pretty well.

Have to be in court all day tomorrow...so, not much time for exercise. Foster parent stuff, ugh. But it will actually be a whole day away from the kids for me. So, yay (kind of).

That's all for now!

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