Saturday, February 6, 2010

day 27

I haven't posted anything in the past couple days. I am resting & recuperating. My back was really messed up in the accident. Luckily, I found a good chiropractor. They also think I had a mild concussion (brain slosh!) when my head was whipping around. So, between all that and the pain pills, I have been pretty out of it. Eating is not perfect, but not bad. No binges.

It was my daughters 16th Bday the other day & we had cake (I only have ONE slice!). She was supposed to take the cake with her when she went to her friends this weekend, but she did not. Well, I started to look at it longingly....finally I just sealed it up and through it in the freezer & buried it! I was proud of myself. White cake is my weakness!

Can't sit & type too long, but I will try to make sure and post something each day.


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  1. I hope you recover soon! Good job on hiding the cake!